Reviewing ciriteria

The following checklist is meant to provide a guide for evaluating the manuscript

1. Title

  • Appropriate?
  • Could be improved – Suggestions?
  • Inappropriate – Please indicate sections of the paper that are outside the scope of the title

2. Abstract

  • Adequate?
  • Not adequate – Suggestions ?

3. Problem

  • Well stated
  • Formulation could be improved – Suggestions?
  • Insufficient – Suggestions?

4. Methods

  • Is the study well designed? 
  • Are the Statistical treatments adequate?
  • Is the analysis appropriate?
  • Are the interpretations logical and balanced?
  • If there are defects,
  • Are they sufficient for rejection?

5. Literature in the field

  • Properly discussed
  • Discussion could be improved – Suggestions ?
  • Coverage and/or discussion inadequate – Suggestions ?

6. Conclusions

  • Properly drawn with regard to the methods and data
  • should be adjusted – Suggestions?
  • Coverage and/or discussion inadequate – Suggestions?

7. Tables and figures

  • are clear and well designed
  • need to be improved – Suggestions?
  • are not acceptable – Comments?

8. Language

  • Good (Clear and comprehensible)
  • Could be improved- Suggestions?
  • Not clear – Comments?
  • Poor (needs thorough revision by a linguist)

9. The findings

  • are new
  • can supplement previous studies and add needed information
  • raise genuine questions about the findings of previous studies

10. Contribution to development

  •  The findings make contributions to development in general and to the Ethiopian context in particular                                  

11. Writing style, length and clarity of presentation

  • Is the text easy to follow?
  • Is the text too long? Could be shortened? – Suggestions

 12. Is the manuscript suitable for publication?

  • In its present state?
  • After minor revision
  • After major revision
  • Not at all (Please indicate reasons for rejection)

or Should the analysis or conclusion be revised? Suggestions?

Please indicate the changes that should be made (if you believe that the manuscript can be made suitable for publication by making some changes)