The adhesive joining of natural fiber-based polymer composites by FEM


  • Kassahun Gashu Melese +251912636262
  • Nega Tesfie
  • Addisalem Mekonnen
  • Natnael Ashenafi


Natural fibers, Epoxy Resins, Hand Layup, Adhesive joining, Autodesk Helius Composite, FEM, ANSYS Workbench


The use of adhesive bonding in structures made from composite materials has increased in recent years due to their various advantages such as uniform load distribution, ease of fabrication, lightweight design, good strength, etc. In this paper, a review of research work that has been carried out on adhesively bonded joints of synthetic and natural fiber-reinforced polymer composite materials is presented. The influence of joint configuration, adhesive properties, overlap length, and adherent thickness on joint behavior has been discussed. Additionally, failure analysis of the adhesively bonded joints under uniaxial quasi-static loading conditions is described. It is observed that joint strength is mainly affected by adhesive strength and overlap length. It is also seen that cohesive failure is predominant over adhesive failure in the bond line area.



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Melese, K. G., Tesfie, N. ., Mekonnen, A., & Ashenafi, N. (2023). The adhesive joining of natural fiber-based polymer composites by FEM. Ethiopian Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2(1), 54-68. Retrieved from