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Ethiopian Journal of Engineering and Technology

The Journal publishes scholarly works on engineering and technology-related issues, policies, theories, and problems relevant to Ethiopia within the local, national, regional, and international settings in the form of reviewed articles and non-reviewed reflections, book reviews, and professional/scientific comments.  EJET welcomes papers in the following five thematic areas:-

  1. Manufacturing (Mechanical & electro-mechanical Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Textile & Garment Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Marine Engineering; Manufacturing Processes; Microelectronics; Mining Engineering; Petroleum Engineering).
  2. Agricultural Engineering, Water and Environment (Water Supply & Environmental Engineering; Water Resources, Irrigation & Hydraulics Engineering; Architecture)
  3. Construction and Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering, Construction Technology & Management; Urban & Regional Planning, architecture); and,
  4. Electrical Engineering & Informatics (Electrical Engineering, networking, and Communications, Biomedical & Computer Engineering; Computing, artificial intelligence, and intelligent systems, information technology, information systems);
  5. Other applications of physical, biological, chemical, and mathematical sciences in engineering and technological innovations.

Current Issue

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2023): Innovations in Engineering and Technology
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The current volume published articles which contribute new theoretical and applied results in four areas of engineering and technology. Manufacturing process and technologies; extraction and processing; product quality engineering and management; garment and textile technology; industrial project management; plant layout and ergonomics; industry digitalization; knowledge discovery; language and cognition; software and systems engineering; networks and distributed systems; ICT for development; information retrieval; soil and water resource engineering and management; hydrology; irrigation; environmental protection; water supply; energy resources development and utilization; and climate change are the topics addressed in the current publication.

Published: 2024-03-25


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