Vol. 10 No. 2 (2022): Journal of Science and Development, JSD

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  1. Effect of plant density on common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties at Jinka, South Omo Zone, Ethiopia; Awoke Tadesse Eshete, Demelash Kefale Hunegnaw, Legesse Hidoto Gebru
  2. Adaptability evaluation and stability analysis of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) varieties in high altitude areas of southern Ethiopia; Muluneh Mekiso Halengo, Ersullo Liere Jolobo, Mukerem Elias Sultan, Muhammed Sitote Ebrahim, Shimelis Mohammed Amza, Mesfin Endrias Asele
  3. Evaluation of best performing indigenous Rhizobium strains on productivity of faba bean in Gumer District, south-eastern Ethiopia; Tarekegn Tefera Lele, Paulos ketema Kebede
  4. Agronomic and symbiotic performances of common bean varieties inoculated with Rhizobium species under nitrogen fertilizer; Meseret Shifa, Tarekegn Yoseph, Berhanu Abate
  5. Pre-Extension on-Farm Demonstration Trial of Maize in Heban Arsi and Sankura districts, southern Ethiopia; Alemayehu Lemma, Muluken Philipos, Getu Mitiku, Yuel Talew, Temesgen Gizaw, Derese Teshome
  6. Yield and growth response of hot pepper (Capsicum annum) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) to bioslurry fertilizer application at Dilla Zuria, Gedio Zone, Ethiopia; Fikru Tamiru Kenea, Mitiku Muanenda Adula, Chemir Chewaka Asume
  7. Sustainability of improved maternal knowledge and practices on pulse inclusion in complementary foods after nutrition education intervention in Southern Ethiopia: A case-control analysis; Afework Kebebu Gebrie, Carol Joan Henery, Kebede Abegaz

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Published: 2022-10-04

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