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Ethiopian Journal of Governance and Development (EJGD)

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Ethiopian Journal of Governance and Development (EJGD) drives the discipline of governance and development towards human development and societal transformation on a scientific pattern that ensures the sustainability of nation, democracy, peace and harmony, stable and better-governed states in Africa in general, and Ethiopia in particular that play their role as building blocks for African integration through disseminating knowledge of research and innovations.

Teaching-learning, Community Services, and Research are the key pillars of the higher learning institutions in the world. The Quality research output dissemination bridges the higher institutions with the society they are intended to serve by interacting and sharing new scientific findings that distinguish rationalism over irrationalism. It is on this endeavor of scientific inquiry in the vast and multifaceted areas of Governance and Development that the EJGD is launched.

In addition, the Journal is intended to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and to constitute a depository of scholarly and scientific work of high academic standards that can contribute to design the policies and contribute to the establishment and/or consolidation of state-building, nation-building, democracy, and its institutions, good governance, development, and peace.   More specifically. the following rationale is identified:

  • To carry out research on the interdisciplinary areas of governance and development in order to assist policy-makers, academicians, and public service sectors related to the development of public policies, scientific outlook, good governance, and service delivery issues.
  • To provide a platform of dialogue and organize seminars, symposiums, workshops with and among stakeholders in the field of governance and development
  • Working towards an enabling environment that can promote good leadership, democracy, peace, development, and corporate governance.
  • To encourage the public policy dialogue on issues raised from the research

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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2024): Ethiopian Journal of Governance and Development
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